Learning to thank God for what he has given us is an important part of our spiritual journey.

So how do you make gratitude to God an important part of your life?

One of the most important ways to do so is by singing.

The Bible says, “Sing out your thanks to him; sing praises to our God”(Psalm 147:7a LB).
Nothing makes you aware of God’s presence more quickly than singing your praise to God. It doesn’t matter how much musical talent you have, either.
The Bible urges us to make a joyful noise. Even crows do that! If crows can make a joyful noise, so can you.

Christianity is a singing faith.

There are more songs about Jesus Christ than anything or anyone else, even love.
That’s why you need to be part of a local church.
It’s not just about listening to a weekly message from the Bible. At least once a week, you need the emotional expression that comes from singing thanks to God.
If you don’t, your heart will shrivel. You can’t be a healthy Christian on sermons alone.

You need both the impression from the message
and the expression through the music.


I have discovered that the times when I least feel like singing are when I need to do it the most.

When my heart is cold, I need to be renewed, restored, and recharged through singing thanks to God.

In my hectic schedule, I find listening to music and singing praise to God renews my soul.


So turn on your favourite worship songs or find a good Christian radio station, and sing along.

Thank God for all he has given you.

And make a joyful noise to the Lord while you’re at it.