Meet our Staff

Our staff warmly welcome you to our church!

Ian and Jen Gooch

Senior Pastors
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Ian and Jen have a real passion and commitment to see a growing family church here in the Holme Valley full of God, His word, heart felt praise and worship, life and laughter.

Ian’s favourite scripture is John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I (Jesus) have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” Some translations say “have it more abundantly”. That is the prayer of their heart that you may come to know Jesus as your Lord and Saviour and that you will live life to the full, with the love of Jesus inside you and His peace and joy equipping you for everyday life.

Ian’s enthusiasm bursts out of him showing a real love for Jesus and the word of God. He has a genuine heart for people, the hurt, broken, lost and especially those who have not come to know Jesus yet. He loves to see people smiling, so while preaching hard hitting messages will have funny tales intermingled making them interesting and life challenging at the same time and will occasionally break into his favourite song “I feel good”. Ian is proud to be a pastor in Holmfirth and will do many outreaches, not only to support the local community, but to heighten people’s awareness about church and how great it can be.

Jen is a great support and encouragement for Ian and together they work tirelessly too build family here at Full Life Church. Jen shows compassion towards others and with her quiet sensitive nature she is genuinely interested in people taking the time to find out how they really are and being aware of what their needs are. She is great at encouraging others to get involved in ways that they can, and will help and support not only the church family but others within our community. Jen has a strength and determination to see things get done and you can just imagine Jesus saying to her “on this rock I will build my church” as he did to Peter in Matthew 16:18.

Tom Gooch

Youth Leader
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Tom Gooch is the master of all things technical and P.A. in the life of our church. He is sold out for Jesus and always goes the extra mile. Tom is a very giving person which means you can always find him in church helping someone out, giving people lifts, or fixing something to make the church look amazing. Tom, a keen Mountain Bike enthusiast has a passion for being active and daring and he feels the same way about his faith! He is one of those guys that you always want to be around if you need encouragement or simply someone to just stand strong with you.

Through a gentle and humble personality Tom carries a lot of wisdom; and whenever he opens his mouth you know he will have something profound and helpful to say. Whether a word of insight or a timely light-hearted joke Tom is exemplary at living out what it means to live a Full Life and to show what that means through his actions and his words. All of these things also make him a vital core member of our Radical Youth team. He is great at building relationships with the youth and drawing them in, but also challenging them in their behaviour and devotion to grow in God.