Our Food Bank has been going for several years now and we do work with other agencies and groups. It runs to support anyone who is in need of social care and support. We base our support on recommendations and are happy to supply emergency help or ongoing assistance.

Food can be collected the church or we are able to deliver to those who cannot get out or who would prefer it to be brought to their home. Please provide name, address and a contact number should they require delivery. For those calling please let us know who they are and when they will be calling. That is all we need.

Your recommendation is all that is required, we do not run a voucher scheme or limit the help and support we provide.

Shopping list: what we need

We welcome donations of food and are grateful to generous givers of all types of food products that are not perishable and have long shelf lives.

  • Soup
  • Pasta sauce
  • Sponge pudding tinned
  • Tomatoes tinned
  • Beans / spaghetti tinned
  • rice pudding tinned
  • Meat products and fish products in tins
  • Vegetables in tins
  • Fruit products in tins
  • A variety of types of jam and honey
  • A variety of biscuits, snack bars etc
  • A variety of types of potato crisps
  • Milk cartons UHT not fresh
  • A variety of types of tea bags and coffees.

You can view, print or download a PDF document of the shopping list here. Take this as an electronic version or as a print when you go shopping.